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My coach


My name is Chloé and I am a fashion coach.

I began my career as a model.
I modelled for the best fashion designers, in the most fashionable cities:
Paris, Milan, New York, Stockholm, Barcelona…
I then did a training course in styling at a fashion college to become a
fashion coach

From now on, we will meet every month.
I will give you a trick or fashion advice to create ultra trendy looks.

Here is my first fashion trick : master it now !

See you soon on for more advice !
Your coach, Chloé.

1st tip : how to mix colours and patterns !
2nd tip : Fashion accessories Quiz game !
3rd tip: A lot of ideas for your celebration outfit!
4th tip: Puppies and Purses
5th tip: Quiz Haute Couture
6th tip: Let's present your summer outfits line !
7th tip: Quiz: What kind of fashion show fan are you?

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